Rapid Covid-19 (Nasal Swab) Test Kit

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DermaCare’s EasyRapidNOW test is an easy to use and cost-efficient optionfor surveillance testing. It could be used periodically in populations such as co-workers in a shared space,sports teams, or medical staff in a facility to detect the possible introduction of infection into the populationby asymptomatic cases. This kind of testing increases the likelihood that a case is detected and isolatedquickly enough to prevent transmission to others.

Dr. Cara Osborne

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A 30 year veteran supplier, DERMACARE LINE was the first company to introduce private label hand sanitizers to the promotional products industry in 1995.They remain a leading producer of private label, Made in USA hand sanitizers, including a brand new exclusive line of patented Child Safety Sanitizers™ with child resistant safety caps. They are also a leading supplier of all PPE items. The company, through their AmerIKYP / IKYP HEALTH Division has also evolved into a healthcare & pharmaceutical educational marketing solutions provider through the development of theirmulti-sensory audio & video with print products.